Land of Lincoln Purebred Livestock Breeder's Association

The Association was organized on December 18, 1952, on the campus of the University of Illinois and secured a charter early in 1953. The first successfully sponsored legislation for additional livestock premiums in the amount of $148,000.00 was awarded at the 1956 Illinois State Fair and has continued ever since.

The original purpose of this organization was to provide and promote purebred livestock and a special premium fund at the Illinois State Fair for open and junior classes. This is a bipartisan organization whose committees actively work with the legislative and executive branches of Illinois State government and the IL Dept. of Agriculture to enhance the progress of the purebred livestock industry statewide.

The Land of Lincoln Purebred Livestock Breeders Association (LLPLBA) is governed by a President, Secretary/Treasurer; Executive Board of Directors and five Vice Presidents representing beef, dairy, equine, swine, sheep, goats and llamas



  • We continue to work on legislation to secure or add additional livestock premiums for the open and junior livestock shows at the Illinois State Fair.
  • Successfully sponsored legislation to build the hospital unit at the U of I College of Veterinary Medicine and support the Carcass Shows for barrows, steers and lambs with premium monies.
  • The Association awards trophies and premium monies for Purebred Champions each year at the Illinois State Fair.
  • Offers two educational scholarships for graduating or high school seniors (one male, one female) that currently own and raise purebred livestock.
  • Annually nominates a Purebred Livestock Breeder to be included in the prestigious Hall of Fame. Each nominee’s portrait is proudly displayed at the IL Department of Agriculture in Springfield.
  • Awards funding to the State 4-H Foundation, FFA Foundation, Superior Young Producer’s Award Program annually, and are co-sponsors of the Dairy Livestock Judging Team with the IL Dept. of Agriculture.
  • Financially supports Illinois Agricultural Legislation Day.
  • Generates funding to reward recipients of the Land of Lincoln Sale of Champions annually at the Illinois State Fair for the top Land of Lincoln champion steer, barrow, wether and dairy.
  • The Annual Meeting is open to all lifetime members and participating Associations and includes a complimentary luncheon, educational speakers and recognition awards. The annual meeting is held in December at the Northfield Inn in Springfield.

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